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Chick-Fil-A Employees Share Their Favorite Custom Orders On Reddit

Chick-Fil-A fans love tweaking their favorite meals, like adding buffalo sauce to a regular spicy chicken sandwich or blending a cookie into their favorite milkshake. However, it would appear that no one knows how to hack the Chick-fil-A menu better than the employees themselves.

One Chick-fil-A employee decided to take to Reddit to ask their fellow employees about their favorite way to mix up the shift meals. One Redditor said they made a custom pizza with “spicy grilled chicken, roasted corn, bell pepper,” and cheese, of course.

Besides food items, employees also like to create some unique drink concoctions. One Redditor mixes half Powerade and half Coke Zero as their “go-to drink on shift,” while another employee said their manager “likes to get frosted coffee with Oreo.”

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