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Chinese Food Recipes That Beat Your Favorite Takeout
Sesame Chicken
As chef, food writer, and the developer of this recipe, Cecilia Ryu says, "you realize that it's simply about going step-by-step, not about any secrets or serious culinary chops." Just click on the button below, follow the steps and perfect your own restaurant-quality poultry in no time.
Chicken Fried Rice
By using basic quantities of fresh or leftover chicken and veggies, a couple of sauces, and some aromatics, you can cook up this chicken fried rice recipe within thirty minutes. Once your prep in the kitchen is all lined up, you may find the dish cooks up far faster than you thought.
Orange Chicken
For this Copycat Panda Express recipe, you might need to go out hunting for a few ingredients, like safflower and grapeseed oil. But once you have them, your pantry game will have leveled up to the point where you can make this dish again, and again, and again.
Chicken Stir Fry
Stir-frying is a fast and effective cooking technique, and this recipe is among many out there that introduce you to the basics of an incredibly versatile way to cook up every last scrap of vegetable and protein in your fridge. This one is fit for eight servings right out of the pan.
20-Minute Sesame Chicken
This 20-minute sesame chicken recipe keeps things quick and simple by keeping everything in one pan with a nice bonus when it comes to the clean-up stage. "This is a dish so good that it doesn't really need any sides," says Mashed contributor and recipe developer Carina Finn.