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Chipotle's Unique Point Ordering System Is Turning Heads On Reddit

Chipotle is known for its ultra-customizable burritos, bowls, tacos, and more, and with each unique order comes a unique price. If you've ever been shocked by the total price of your bespoke Chipotle order, you should know that the chain has a secret "points" system that determines the cost of each addition to your meal, as Reddit found out.

In an r/Chipotle thread, employees revealed that each ingredient available for Chipotle creations comes with a "point" designation of zero, one, or two. The thread contains a photo of a chart showing the point cost of each item, and one user wrote that "If you get an entree that adds to 3 or less [...] it is supposed to be rung up cheaper. Normally half the price give or take."

Looking at the chart, there are many possible combinations for an entree that will stay under threes; for example, a burrito with pico de gallo and chicken would be three points. You could get beans, rice, and cheese, as all of these are one-point items, but all of Chipotle's proteins (and its infamous guac) are two points each.

However, some netizens in the r/Chipotle thread have doubts over the correctness of the OP's "points" chart. One employee said that at their location, "We give 3 pointers for rice meat and cheese," so while it can't hurt to use the chart as a guideline to save on your order, your experience at your local store may vary.