"Fort Lee, USA - November 4, 2011: stack of Mars brand candy coated chocolate M&Ms."

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Coffee Lovers Are Going To Freak Out Over M&M's New Flavor

Mars, the company behind M&M's, has decided the world needs more coffee-chocolate flavoring, so they've produced another new flavor. Unlike the espresso flavor, which features milk and dark chocolate M&M's, this new addition will feature a new triumvirate combo.

The new M&M's flavor contains a chewy caramel center wrapped in coffee-flavored chocolate and a crisp candy shell. With the launch of the new flavor, Mars is taking the opportunity to introduce the M&M's character, Miss Purple, whose first official job will be serving as the mascot of the new Caramel Cold Brew M&M's.

Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior marketing director at Mars Wrigley, said the company chose to combine the caramel and coffee flavors because cold brew ranked "as one of Gen Z's most purchased drinks." The only bad news for fans is that the new flavor is not expected to hit shelves until February 2023.