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Coors' Unexpected New Beverage Is Made For The Breakfast Table
As milk alternatives become the leaders of the dairy-free industry, with almond milk being the current frontrunner, a new Coors product is undoubtedly much better nutritionally for a person than any of their primary beer options. It's even more nutritious than plain old milk, with 60 percent less sugar, twice as much vitamin D3, and 50 percent more calcium to its credit.
Coors Brewing has figured out a new way to get barley in the marketplace, this time in the form of Golden Wing, a plant-based barley milk. Unlike the beer products they are known for, Golden Wing is non-alcoholic, so it can be served in your morning cereal or alongside your kids’ pancakes.
Available at Whole Foods and Sprouts along with Golden Wing’s website, this dairy alternative only has a handful of ingredients, including barley milk, and also contains calcium carbonate, sunflower extract, shiitake mushroom extract, and pink Himalayan salt. However, people with gluten problems should avoid it.