Kukis semprit speculos or biscoff butter cookies, made from butter, egg, flour, speculoos jam, sugar and biscuits crumble.

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Costco Fans Are Running To Grab These Biscoff Cookies
When Delta Airlines began offering free Lotus Biscoff cookies on their flights, the treats began their ascent into widespread popularity. Today, the biscuits are enjoyed as quick snacks or as the star of desserts and confections, and Costco now sells a Biscoff product that hits the spot between light and satisfyingly indulgent.
As of August 2022, Costco has begun selling Biscoff cookie sandwiches, Oreo-like treats that star the spiced cookies sandwiched around a creme filling. The shopper behind the Instagram account @costcohotfinds found a box at their store for $9.49; the whole package includes six 5.29-ounce sleeves of the sandwich cookies.
While the Biscoff sandwiches are available at other stores, Walmart sells a single sleeve for $2.30, so Costco’s bulk deal is the best bang for your buck. If you’re not sure what to do with your extra cookies, Instagram commenters suggest crumbling them on top of ice cream or using them in cheesecake or key lime pie crusts.