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Costco Fans Aren't So Sure About Its New Poke Bowl Kits

Costco is cashing in on poke, the Hawaiian salad of raw seafood and toppings served over rice. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a video of the grocery chain's $13.49 Tasty Poke Bowl kits, which include smoked salmon, sauce, rice, and seasonings — and other 'Gram users have some strong opinions about the new offering.

Netizens are concerned that Costco's poke kits do not contain fresh fish; one user commented on the @costcobuys post, "Poke is meant to be eaten fresh. So is the rice! The idea of this sounds awful! And, way too expensive." Another commenter added, "I love poke but idk about this [...] sounds sketchy. Like eating sushi at a supermarket."

However, another user wrote, "I loved those!!! Was sad I couldn't find them again after the last time I got them." A different commenter added, "I love these, not the same as the real fresh ones in Hawaii. But I can say its way better than some of the Poke shops in the DMV." If you're also concerned over the freshness of Costco's fish, try making some poke on your own.