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Costco Japan Is Taking Its Pumpkin Pies To The Next Level
Although Costco’s pumpkin pies have been immensely popular with fans for years, it’s undeniable that these pies have a rather plain and underwhelming design. However, according to a Reddit user, Costco’s pumpkin pies in Japan are as pretty to look at as they are to eat.
The image on the Reddit thread shows a Costco pumpkin pie designed with a stencil, powdered sugar, and whipped cream, topped with images of several different smiling pumpkins. The Redditor added, “Saw a pumpkin pie post about blobs and whatnot earlier and realized y'all's PPs are pretty standard looking. They going the extra mile here in Japan.”
While some Redditors agreed with OP, with one user saying, “Japanese desserts are always 10/10 for beauty,” others used the pie as inspiration, with a Redditor writing, “Saved this post so I can do this with my pie next week.” Of course, there’s a difference in the price because the Japanese pumpkin pies cost $11, almost double the selling price in America.