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Costco Shoppers Are Running To Grab Its New Lemon Bakery Item
Per a July 26, 2022, Instagram post from user @costcosisters, there's a new lemony treat in the Costco bakery section. "Lemon show you these," the user teased in a punny video, zooming in on stacks of mini lemon cakes with buttercream icing in packs of six that cost $9.99 each.
Fellow lemon lovers took to the comments section to share their delight over these mini lemon cakes. Not only were the customers loving the user’s lemon-themed puns, but they seemed equally thrilled about the new desserts.
"Running to Costco right now!!!! Meet me there ASAP & bring drinks bcuz [sic] we're eating these in the parking lot!" one user wrote, while another commented, "Ya, I may need a special delivery." Based on the overwhelmingly positive response, the new tart treats could be selling like hot cakes!