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Costco Shoppers Swear By These Produce Keepers
The Instagram account @CostcoBuys posted a photo of the new Prepworks ProKeeper three-piece fresh produce keeper sets on April 13th, which received almost 3,400 likes within a day. The caption read, “this fresh produce keeper set is $19.99 [...] [and] has an air-flow vent system to keep produce fresher for longer! It's also dishwasher safe.”
The produce keepers sets received multiple praises from people, with comments ranging from, “ purchased them separately on Amazon and this is such a good price,” to “got these 2 weeks ago! Love them!!” These many positive comments convinced others who came across the post, and one person commented, “We need this.”
Others tagged more people and wrote, “this looks right up your alley!” or that they both needed the producer keepers in hopes that their food won't freeze in the refrigerator. You can even use the container to rinse your produce, and the best part is that the containers are clear; so pick them up when you see them at Costco.