A Costco Wholesale store in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Costco's Fried Chicken Buckets Appear Better Than Most Fast Food Alternatives
Many U.S. shoppers may go to rotisserie chickens and food court hot dogs for a great and cheap Costco snack, but patrons in Canada indulge in a different food item: fried chicken.
First introduced in 2016, the Canadian Costco food court's fried chicken come in 10-piece or 30-piece servings and are paired with hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and/or gravy.
While the prices can vary per location, the cost of the 10-piece chicken wings at one Canadian Costco in 2022 was $8.99, and the 30-piece was $22.99 ($6.76 and $17.29 USD).
The wings have a thin coating and are fried fresh in the food court area. One reviewer on Reddit said, “I prefer them to actual wing shops.”
One American who traveled to a Canadian Costco in 2023 praised the fried chicken in a TikTok review, saying “Wow...it's very good. It's very crispy, and very like, tender inside.”
Sadly, this Canadian fried chicken treat may be starting to disappear, as several people have posted on reddit about the item being removed from the menu at their Costco stores.
Rumors as to why it’s happening range from unstable chicken wing prices to problems with the supplier. For Canadian residents, Costco fried chicken may soon be a thing of the past.