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Costco's New Food Court Item Is Causing a Stir
Shopping at Costco can feel like an overwhelming rat race, which is why its food court is a welcomed site for respite. However, Costco’s food court, which is known for its low-price bites, has recently gotten some negative attention for selling a fancy new roast beef sandwich at a shockingly high price.
This new sandwich is made with deli roast beef dressed in onion relish and roasted cherry tomatoes and piled high on top of an artisan roll. It does look pretty tasty, and 790 calories for an entire sandwich seems pretty reasonable. What's not reasonable, according to Reddit, is the price tag – an unbelievable $9.99.
Reddit had a lot to say about this expensive sandwich: some felt that the store might be testing the waters, but others pointed out that the whole reason for eating at the food court is to get decent food for cheap. Even if the sandwich is good, if you want a gourmet experience, you're not going to be dining at Chez Costco.