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Costco's Raspberry Cookies May Be The Next Closest Thing To Crumbl

The unique thing fans love about Crumbl Cookies is how they offer different flavors each week. One Redditor tasked themself with the ordeal of documenting every Crumbl flavor out there, and it appears the brand has never released a simple raspberry cookie.

Costco came to the rescue with its sugar-dusted raspberry cookies. Instagrammer @costcobuys took a video of this amazing find, saying it is “one of my Costco bakery favorites,” and added that 12 cookies cost just $9.99.

The fruit-flavored cookie sensation is a hit among cookie lovers, as it has come close to Crumbl’s signature brand. It has a simple winning combo of a sugar cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar and a glob of raspberry jam, all topped with a special butter crumble.

It has become a favorite among Costco shoppers, with many ranking it among the very best Costco baked goods. According to reviewers, the only thing better than its taste is the convenience of buying a pack of cookies at once.