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Crumbl Cookies Is Re-Releasing A Classic Flavor With A Brand New Twist
Crumbl Cookies sells a rotating selection of giant, decadent cookies that come in flavors like milk chocolate chip, pumpkin chocolate chip, brownie batter, cookie butter lava, and peanut butter cookies and cream. While every flavor has its own fanbase, the relaunch of a particular discontinued flavor with a new twist has several fans excited.
In August 2022, Crumbl Cookies announced in an Instagram post that it has re-released its fan-favorite pink sugar cookie, which is basically a vanilla cookie topped with pink-colored almond frosting. The company describes the pink sugar cookie as “new and improved,” based on a new recipe, and notes that the cookie will be on the weekly menu.
Fans shared their excitement for the return of their favorite cookie on the post, which, as of this writing, has nearly 98,000 likes. As one person wrote, “The moment we have all been waiting for!” another user confirmed that “the new recipe is literally perfect.” Crumbl Cookies has also shared that it will be releasing a surprise seventh mystery cookie one week per month.