Chicken fried steak with gravy


Customers Rank Chain Restaurant Chicken Fried Steak From Worst To Best
13. Texas Roadhouse
Places like Texas Roadhouse don't bluff about their monstrously huge portions, and the price is usually validated. However, their country-fried sirloin fails.
The cutlet overwhelmingly tastes like breading — oily, bland breading — and lots of fatty chunks, which multiple reviewers credited with souring their meal.
12. Saltgrass Steak House
Technically speaking, this Texas chophouse should have destroyed the competition, but its flavorless breading and dry beef knock them down the list.
Also, we're a tad perplexed by the $20 price tag, given that you're only allowed one side dish while similar comfort-centric places heap on two (or sometimes three) helpings.
11. Logan's Roadhouse
The restaurant claims to prepare their cutlet from scratch, with white gravy and two sides for under $13. Reviewers loved the portions and the price.
Less impressed reviewers, however, had a bone to pick with the poor presentation, including one that confirmed that the meat steak "was pretty cafeteria-ish."
10. IHOP
IHOP has been serving chicken fried steak for quite some time, saddling breaded patties with hash browns, eggs, and its signature flapjacks for a morning-approved spin.
Reviews are polarizing. Whereas one diner praised the battered cutlet as an "excellent" pick, another thought the gravy made the crunchy filet soggy.
9. Shoney's
Shoney's Country Fried Steak Breakfast lets you customize the ultimate platter with your preferred style of eggs, potatoes, fresh fruit, or grits.
Many reviewers were put off by the filet's sludgy appearance and gravy. A TripAdvisor user said, "The steak was pretty good, but the gravy and mashed potatoes were horrible."