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Dairy Queen Is Celebrating Its New Fall Menu In An Unexpected Way
Ice cream powerhouse Dairy Queen often celebrates seasonal changes by releasing new flavors of their signature Blizzards. DQ is making things extra special for autumn of 2022; aside from new Blizzard flavors, the chain is also launching a line of cozy household items that are perfect for the fall season.
DQ will soon debut two new pillow collections that match some of their new seasonal Blizzards. One of the two "pillow flights" includes a round cinnamon roll-esque pillow inspired by the Cinnamon Roll Centers Blizzard, plus two square pillows that are scented and colored like the Oreo Hot Cocoa and Very Cherry Chip Blizzards.
The second "pillow flight" features a pumpkin pie-inspired pillow inspired by the Pumpkin Pie blizzard, plus Snickers Brownie- and Reese's Take 5-themed square pillows. The Dairy Queen website has details on how to win one of these two pillow flights in a sweepstakes competition, before the pillows become available to the public.