ITALY - APRIL 22:  Diana, Princess Of Wales, Wearing A Silk Suit Designed By Fashion Designer Bruce Oldfield, During An Official Overseas Visit. Diana's Crystal Heart Earrings Are By Jewellers Butler And Wilson.  (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

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Did Princess Diana Really Eat Pearls?
The Princess Diana biopic “Spencer” features some surreal imagery — while obviously bored at a dinner party, Diana rips off the pearl necklace she received from Prince Charles, and begins munching on the pearls. The scene left many wondering if it represented a real habit of the people’s Princess.
Kristen Stewart, star of “Spencer,” put this question to rest in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Stewart explained that Princess Diana did not snack on jewelry, but that the pearls were a symbol for what she was feeling — that perhaps she did not wear the title of “Princess” comfortably.
Angela Rippon, who interviewed Princess Diana for ITV, noted the late Princess’ sense of self and not meeting the royal family’s expectations as reasons for her discomfort. Sir Max Hastings, however, attributed it to the tension between Diana and Charles, and her priority to see her son William occupy the throne instead of Charles.