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Do Flight Attendants Really Hate When You Order Diet Coke?

The Telegraph described Diet Coke as "the surprising drinks order that annoys flight attendants the most," while The Sun said that flight attendants "dread it." Both cited a flight attendant with the alias “Jet” as the source of these statements, but is there any truth to them?

It’s not that flight attendants hate Diet Coke or prefer the regular one. According to some flight attendants on Reddit, pouring an over-fizzed Diet Coke is just challenging since the soda doesn't "[fizz] down" when being poured.

Ultimately, “Jet” clarified on their blog, These Gold Wings, that their words were taken "out of context" by The Sun and that the Telegraph never even reached out. The sky blogger's "official stance" was: "I don't care what you want to drink. I'll pour it, and I won't have a second thought about it."

Jet demonstrated a "smart" way to pour the drink in a video. They placed the cup on top of the can, then flipped the can upside down to let the soda spill into the cup, with the can acting as a barrier to keep any excess foam from forming.