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Do This To Keep Hash Browns From Sticking To Your Frying Pan
To ensure that your hash browns crisp up correctly without sticking to the pan, start with rinsing the shredded potatoes to remove excess starch and then tamp them between paper towels to get rid of extra moisture. Though non-stick pans ensure that food won't stick to it during the cooking process, a cast iron skillet is, in fact, the best tool for making hash browns.
Make sure your cast iron skillet is preheated to the correct temperature by doing the pop and sizzle test with a few water droplets: if the water immediately vaporizes, the pan is too hot, and if it puddles up, the pan is not hot enough. The pan is at the right temperature for your hash browns to slide clean onto your plate only if the water sizzles and "balls up in the pan."
Add some butter, vegetable oil, or bacon grease to your preheated pan, and then toss in the potatoes. Watch closely for the bottom of the potatoes to transform into a beautiful golden brown color — typically an eight to 10-minute process — to again avoid any sticking before crisping up the other side.