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Does 7Up Actually Help An Upset Stomach?
A speedy relief from discomfort is usually a top goal when you have an upset stomach, whether it is brought on by too much alcohol, indigestion, or some form of stomach bug. There are many options available for finding relief, and 7Up and Sprite have long been praised, but do they really work?
Unfortunately, there isn't much scientific evidence to suggest that drinking it genuinely soothes an upset stomach. In a study conducted by British researchers, the contents of sodas were compared to over-the-counter therapies like oral rehydration solutions, however sodas usually merely supply a lot of sugar rather than supplying the body with essential electrolytes.
To settle an upset stomach because of indigestion, gas is frequently the culprit, and while 7Up may aid in burping, that's essentially all the relief it can offer. The acid in soda can also cause stomach discomfort, and if the 7Up is cold, it will likely slow down your gut's function and may even prolong the stomach discomfort.
Gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo says that there’s another option for you in the soda section — warm, flat ginger ale is better than lemon-lime soda, provided it actually has ginger in it. Kuo said, “I'd rather take flat ginger ale than fresh 7Up from the fridge any day of the week if I had an uneasy stomach.”