CATANIA, ITALY - APRIL 06: Flour during bagging at the "Mulino Agricolo Etneo" obtained from the milling of ancient wheat grown by Claudio La Placa and Mauro Calvagna on April 06, 2022 in Catania, Italy. In Sicily there are people who grow wheat by hand and grind it with an old stone mill to produce refined flours from ancient grains. This is then supplied to artisanal bakers for bread making.  (Photo by Fabrizio Villa/Getty Images)

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Does Flour Ever Expire?
Flour is a key ingredient every kitchen should have, but it is very rarely thrown out, especially compared to produce and other perishable items that display clear signs when they've gone past their prime. So, can flour ever really go bad, or is it something you can keep in the pantry forever?
While flour does have a long shelf life, a standard bag can go bad in anywhere from three to eight months. Like most foods, flour lasts much longer when stored properly, and according to The Provident Prepper, you should store white flour in an air-tight container to keep it fresh, even past the eight-month mark.
According to Spoon University, expired flour may have a “sour” or “musty” smell and develop clumps that, in extreme cases, may be hiding mold. Accidentally consuming a small amount of expired, mold-free flour won't hurt you, but any more than that can make you sick, so always double-check before cooking.