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Don't Believe This Krispy Kreme Hot Light Myth

If you're a big Krispy Kreme fan, you're probably aware of the hot light rumor, which says that if a Krispy Kreme store's Hot & Ready Light is lit up, the store is giving out a free donut to customers at that time. However, it turns out that the rumor isn't actually true, or at least not always.
One TikTok user wanted to get to the bottom of the rumor, so when she saw a Krispy Kreme with its Hot Light on, she pulled into the drive-thru to try and score a free donut. She asked the cashier if it was true that the Hot Light meant the store was giving out free donuts, but she was met with a disappointing "No ma'am."
In 2017, Krispy Kreme gave a statement to media outlet Delish that the Hot Light simply means that the donuts are hot and ready. However, the company also highlighted that Krispy Kreme locations are franchised, and individual stores can treat the Hot Light however they please.

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