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Don't Fall For These Burger King Tricks

In 2021, Burger King revamped its image for the first time in 20 years by going for a retro ‘60s and ‘70s look. The new look — with its simplified logo, curvy fonts, and bold images — taps into feelings of nostalgia, which tend to evoke overwhelming positive emotions, per Psychology Today.

Plays to Nostalgia

Everyone likes good onion rings, so it’s no surprise people excitedly order them off of Burger King’s attractive menu. Despite the appealing images of the rings on the menu, the actual items are very mushy, because rather than using whole onion slices, Burger King uses a dehydrated onion paste.

Onion Rings Dupes

Burger King’s new retro look also helps make customers hungry with its red and yellow color scheme. Called the “ketchup and mustard theory” by marketing experts, the red activates appetite while yellow appeals to a sense of comfort, making customers hungry for a cheeseburger at the sight of the chain’s logo.

Appetizing Colors

Deepthi Prakash, global director of product and marketing at TBWA Worldwide, says customers tend to order more food at kiosks because they feel less judged and more comfortable without another person watching. Kiosks also make it easier to upsell or cross-sell desired products.

Spend More at Kiosks

Burger King started Royal Perks in late 2021 to offer customers redeemable points and additional daily perks. In addition to catering to mobile-friendly customers during the pandemic, the loyalty program also allowed Burger King to use customers’ data for personalized product ads that invite more spending.

Loyalty Program Lure