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Don't Make The Same Trader Joe's Croissant Mistake As Reddit

In July 2022, one Redditor shared some tragic photos of their Trader Joe's chocolate croissants with the caption, "Forgot to remove chocolate croissants from box to let them rise overnight." The photos show dough popping out from the side of the box and the croissants seeming to have formed into one mega-pastry.

Several Reddit users said they’ve made the same mistake with their TJ's frozen croissants, whose packaging instructs to let the pastries proof on a tray for a few hours before putting them in the oven. One user empathized, "I once accidentally left mine out for an entire day [and] they were HUGE."

While one Redditor assured, “This happened to me… I separated them and they actually rose again within an hour and baked up fine," another curiously noted, "I would have baked it all together just to see what would happen. Croissant cake? Croissant slab?" There hasn't been an update from the OP, so we can only hope that the croissants turned out well for them.