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Duff Goldman Is Most Proud Of This Celeb Cake
Duff Goldman has made a lot of creative cakes over the years, but the one he's most proud of is a life-size, functioning R2-D2 cake he made for "Star Wars" creator George Lucas. Speaking of his tribute to Lucas, Goldman noted in an interview, "To be able to say thank you to him with some of my best work, it really felt great. It was so cool, and he loved it."
Even pictures of the R2-D2 cakes (there are at least two others, according to Twitter and Forbes) Goldman has made are enough to prove that the force is strong with this cake master. The creations are so life-like that it's hard to imagine how you would cut into such a lovely confection without feeling like you were destroying a work of art.
Not surprisingly, George Lucas wasn't the only one who was impressed with Goldman's R2-D2. Apparently, one "Star Wars" fan liked the chef's cakes so much that they cast Goldman as a Baker Droid in a fan-fiction series.