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Duff Goldman Stunned Twitter With A Lifelike Pixar Cake

Duff Goldman is known as the Ace of Cakes for very good reason, and some of his most mind-blowing cakes are so artistic and out-of-the-box, they don't look like cakes at all. Case in point: the celebrity baker's new picture-perfect, Pixar-themed cake that has Twitter users doing a double take.

Goldman's "Cake of the Week" is a shockingly accurate replica of the character Heimlich from "A Bug's Life," and if you thought the pastry was a sculpture or 3D model at first glance, we wouldn't blame you. One Twitter user wrote, "I don't think I could cut into it and mess it up. It's a beautiful piece of art!"

Another fan replied, "Wow! Just wow! You are an amazing artist!" Goldman is no stranger to cakes modeled after animated characters; his company Charm City Cakes has churned out amazing creations inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Archie Comics, DC Comics' Harley Quinn, and The Smurfs.