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Duff Goldman's BattleBots Post Made Him Even Cooler In The Eyes Of Fans


Discovery’s “BattleBots” brings together "next generation robots" to battle it out in violent robotic engagements that pit two bots against one another. Similar to a boxing match, bots enter the ring and fight it out for up to three minutes, with the goal of destroying the other.

Duff Goldman recently posted on Instagram about his “BattleBots” bracket, and his Instagram followers now believe the celebrity chef to be even cooler than before. Per the many comments on his post, Goldman’s fans were excited to learn of his fandom.

However, what's interesting about Goldman's bracket is that he has the "reigning champ," End Game, out after the second round and fan-favorite Minotaur walking away as top Bot. Rooting for the underdog is yet another thing making Goldman look way cooler.

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