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Duff Goldman's Genius Tip For Avoiding A Sunken-In Cake
There are several factors that can make a cake sink in the middle, such as using a pan that's the wrong size, undermixing the batter, or using too much baking powder or soda. Besides avoiding these pitfalls, “Ace of Cakes” star Duff Goldman has one more tip to avoid a sunken-in cake, and it's all about the oven.
A Twitter user tagged Goldman in a photo of a sunken-in white cake, which they made by following a recipe from the chef's cookbook. Duffman retweeted the post, writing, “Either turn the oven heat down a bit or don't open the oven door!", meaning that patience is the name of the game to avoid sinking.
Waiting for a tasty cake to be done is difficult, and we’re often tempted to raise the temperature of the oven to speed things up or open the oven door to check on the progress. However, one should follow Goldman's advice and bake the cake gradually and evenly, keeping the door closed, to get a perfectly domed, fluffy end result.