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Essential Hand Tools You Need In Your Kitchen, According To Bobby Flay

In an episode of "Always Hungry," celebrity chef Bobby Flay revealed that his daughter, Sophie, did not own a food processor. Shocking as it seems, Sophie's revelation prompted Flay to list down kitchen essentials — a food processor, thermometers, cooking oils, a rack of essential spices, and well-chosen cooking utensils or, as he calls them, hand tools.

One essential hand tool on Flay's list is a spatula. A flexible silicone spatula is best for mixing, baking, and scraping out bowls quickly, and it won't scratch your nonstick cookware, while a metal one helps flip or transfer food from metal cookware, like a grill.

A classic wooden spoon is another must-have per Flay, as it is sturdy, heat-tolerant, and doesn't scratch, while a ladle is needed for sauces and soups. One of the most underrated cooking tools is a zester, which Flay deemed a must-have for extracting citrus peels, cheese, ginger, nutmeg, and more.

Additionally, Flay recommends brushes to glaze with, two different kinds of whisks, and a “spider.” This is a metal or wire scoop with a long handle that's used for lifting and straining foods from hot oil or boiling water.