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Every Absolut Vodka Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best
20. Absolut Berri Acai
This one capitalizes on the trend with a blend that invokes pomegranate, blueberry, and acai berries. It goes well with seltzers, juices, and fruity cocktails — but fails to stand on its merits, as the competing pomegranate and blueberry flavors spawn a muted, vaguely fruity taste.
19. Absolut Mandrin
The naturally sweet mandarin flavor fails to give this citrus-specific vodka its tart bite, making it fall flat on the taste. You can mix it up with ginger ale or ginger seltzer, but pairing it with orange juice will play up the naturally mellow mandarin and lend the drink a boost of extra flavor.
18. Absolut Mango
Although this one attempts to balance out its sweet undertone with a hit of tartness, the mango flavor still seems to get lost in the sugary blend. Served ice-cold over ice or neat, this spirit is refreshing, but adding a splash of citrus will elevate the tart factor and liven things up a bit.
17. Absolut Lime
It is a tart, citrus take on standard vodka that is perfect for pouring into a tall highball glass full of ice and cola or making dessert cocktail renditions of key lime pie martinis. However, you can quickly achieve the same effect with freshly squeezed lime and a shot or two of the original.
16. Absolut Vanilia
The vanilla flavor masks Absolut's stellar distilled vodka taste, and this sweet spirit veers into an artificial flavoring territory despite its lack of additional sugar. However, it goes well with desserts masquerading as cocktails, like robust chocolate martinis and fruity vanilla concoctions.