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Every Tillamook Ice Cream Flavor, Ranked
28. Rocky Road
Tillamook's Rocky Road has nice, crunchy almonds and a delicious and well-done chocolate ice cream base, but the appeal of marshmallows disappears when they're frozen and rubbery. You could pick around the marshmallows while eating this one, but it's sort of a pain.
27. Birthday Cake
This flavor is full of rainbow sprinkles and chunks of yellow cake, but it's just not as satisfying when compared to the forbidden treat of real, raw cake batter. However, this ice cream is kid-pleasing and visually appealing, and would make for a super fun topping on an actual slice of birthday cake.
26. Peaches and Cream
This ice cream has a strong peach flavor, but the chunks of peaches are unpleasantly tough and icy after being frozen. However, if you're a fan of fruity flavors and have strong molars, you'll still enjoy this one; like the Birthday Cake, it works best as a topping on another dessert, such as peach pie.
25. French Vanilla
Tillamook’s French Vanilla is a solid classic ice cream, but if you dislike things that are a bit boring and, well, vanilla, there are better choices for you. However, this subtle, creamy, and custardy flavor creates a great balance when paired with bold black coffee or a strongly-flavored pecan pie.
24. Oregon Strawberry
Tillamook’s version of strawberry ice cream is plenty good, especially if you're not one for chocolate or cookie flavors. However, Oregon Strawberry is pretty far down on our list for the same reason as French Vanilla; it's rather basic and not the most thrilling Tillamook carton you can buy.