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Fans Are Split On Mountain Dew's 2022 Mystery Flavor
Mountain Dew’s flavor has always been mysterious — but in 2019, the brand decided to embrace the mystery and came out with its first VooDEW flavor, “the candy corn,” which was then followed by the “fruit candy explosion” and “fruit chew candy” flavors in 2020 and 2021 respectively. As for the 2022 flavor, many think it’ll be inspired by a popular candy again.
Staying true to the tactic of releasing a mystery “VooDew” flavor around every Halloween, Mountain Dew posted a teaser about the 2022 flavor on Instagram, and apparently, some fans have already gotten their hands on a bottle. YouTuber PapiEats taste-tested the new flavor and thought it tasted like Sour Patch Kids at first, but then changed their answer to Nerds.
While one Twitter user agreed it tasted like Sour Patch Kids, another tweeted, “Mountain Dew is the new voodew flavour air heads yes or no.” As others guessed generic flavors, like “lemon and blue raspberry” and “citrus cherry,” YouTuber Chris Frezza noted on PapiEats' video that it is one of their favorite VooDew flavors of all time and, “Sooo nice and sweet and delicious.”