Bacon BBQ Burger on a cutting board.

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Fast Food Bacon Burgers Ranked Worst To Best

16. White Castle
As classic as White Castle is, their Bacon Cheese Sliders are not the best option for a satisfying fast food meal. The structure of the burger is less than desirable, and it doesn’t offer a fulfilling result to the tastebuds.
15. Sonic
Sonic is known for its classic ordering process and delicious drinks, but they could work harder at perfecting the recipe for their Bacon Double Cheeseburger. The ingredients often don’t taste fresh, and the buns are often stale.
14. A&W
A&W is well known for its delicious and refreshing root beer, a drink loved by many. However, the gritty, dry, subpar Bacon Double Cheeseburger is not one to brag about.
13. McDonald's
The infamous Mickey D’s is cheap, quick, and international, but the Quarter Pounder with Cheese Bacon burger leaves something to be desired here. The heavily processed beef patty is sadly lacking in both flavor and texture, and the whole thing is far too salty.
12. Burger King
Burger King’s Whopper, the famous flame-broiled burger, has stood the test of time, and you can add bacon and cheese for some extra flavor. However, the consistency across locations is why the Bacon Whopper is so low on the list.