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Five Guys May Be Lying To You About Its Fries
In 2018, Five Guys was crowned America's favorite burger chain, thanks to its objectively delicious burgers and fries. It’s also known for its many topping options, creating an impressive 250,000 ways to customize your burger, but one downside of the chain is its high prices — and your local store might be tricking you when it comes to fries.
A former Five Guys employee on Reddit claims that customers aren't actually getting a huge deal for their money when they order fries. The user alleges that the famous "bonus" scoop fries that gets thrown into your bag — on top of your small, medium, or large paper cup that's already filled with fries — really isn't a bonus at all.
Those "extra" fries are built into the price of your whole fry order; you're not getting more fries than you paid for. Chad Murrell, son of the Five Guys founder, admits that huge helpings of fries are good for business and make customers feel like they're getting their money's worth — so long as they don't think they only paid for the fries in their cup.