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For Brewing Coffee, One Drip Coffee Maker Stands Above The Rest
Even with all the latest coffee makers and methods, drip coffee makers are still big sellers, as they consistently produce large quantities of good coffee without the extra fuss. However, not all coffee makers are created equal, which is why there’s one drip coffee maker that stands out from the rest.
Cuisinart's 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker DCC-3200 is currently the best drip coffee maker, with Consumer Reports calling it “excellent” in brew results and convenience. Home Grounds labeled it “Best Value,” while both the Food Network and the Spruce Eats rated it "Best Overall.”
The DCC-3200 model lets you pre-program your coffee so it’s ready for you when you wake up, and it keeps coffee warm for two hours post-brewing. It also has settings to make stronger coffee without you needing to adjust the grinds, as well as an added option to make smaller cups.