Fried cornbread with butter


Fried Cornbread Is A Southern Comfort Breakfast Worth Craving
Fried cornbread is similar to the original but is made on a griddle instead of baked in the oven. It needs only three ingredients, though it can be enhanced with more.
Although some recipes call for boiling water, cornmeal, and salt, others include a bit of flour, milk, baking powder, eggs, and fat, such as butter or oil.
Once the batter is fairly moist, heap scoops onto a hot skillet or griddle and cook on each side. The fried cornbread is comparable to a heartier pancake.
Add shredded cheese, chopped onions, and jalapenos for a savory breakfast, or make it into johnnycakes. Make a sweeter version by adding maple syrup and butter.
Cornbread is more crumbly but fluffier than its fried counterpart when baked in a cake dish. The finer the cornmeal, the smoother the consistency.
Some recipes are referred to as hot water cornbread because the corn meal is mixed with boiling water before being placed on the griddle.