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Frying Your Eggs In Pickle Juice Opens A New Level Of Flavor
A TikTok hack involving frying eggs in pickle juice has gone viral. Just simply add the pickle juice on top of the frying egg and let the liquid heat up.
Don’t forget to add butter to the pan so your eggs don’t get burnt and stick to the bottom. The key to dill-flavored deliciousness is adding the juice right before the eggs are done.
To mix it up with some heat, add brine from hot and spicy pickles for a spicy fried egg. Once the eggs are cooked in the brine, add a pinch of chopped garlic and chili flakes.
If you prefer sweet pickles, use brine from bread and butter pickles. To balance out the sweetness, add some acidic ingredients like chopped onions, feta cheese, or chili crisps.
For a more personalized pickle experience, add your own pickle brine to your morning eggs. For homemade pickles, you’ll need a base of distilled vinegar with your preferred spices.