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Gail Simmons’ Peach Dessert Is Turning Heads On Instagram
“Top Chef” star Gail Simmons recently took to Instagram to share a video starring a very special peach dessert. At first glance, this treat looks like a normal peach in a golden display box, but when cut into, the fruit reveals a sweet surprise.
This peach is actually a fancy dessert created by pastry expert Cédric Grolet, who specializes in treats that look like real fruits, nuts, and flowers (and he even offers online pastry classes). According to Simmons, the peach dessert was made with “pure peach purée, fresh raw peaches, verbena & verbena-peach mousse.”
Simmons’ post left many Instagram users in awe, and Grolet himself left a peach emoji in the comments. While the peach dessert isn’t available to order online, Grolet does offer a similar one on his website: a super-realistic "green apple" filled with apple jelly and covered with a white chocolate shell.