Takeout beef and broccoli


Garlic Sauce Is The Secret For Chinese Food Takeout-Style Broccoli
If you enjoy crunching on broccoli at a Chinese restaurant, this umami-rich garlic sauce is simple to recreate and will transform your vegetables into a savory, takeout-style side.
Authentic garlic sauce in Sichuan cuisine is known as yuxiang, a combination of soy sauce, garlic, scallions, and a special soybean-infused chili oil.
Besides garlic, this condiment blends well with sesame oil, ginger, dark soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chicken or vegetable stock, sliced scallions, and cornstarch to thicken.
Home chefs who want to elevate their broccoli stir-fry should use amber-colored Shaoxing wine, a key ingredient in Chinese cooking.
The longer the veggies simmer in the sauce, the softer and more flavorful they'll be, and they will soon reach a similar texture to what you'd order from a Chinese food takeout menu.