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GBBO's Giuseppe Dell'Anno Confirms Suspicions About Noel Fielding's Behavior

Fans of the “Great British Bake Off” (GBBO) will be familiar with co-host Noel Fielding and his gothic looks. Recently, Season 12 winner Giuseppe Dell’Anno gave an interview where he talked about Fielding and his surprising on-set behavior.

Dell’Anno revealed that the hosts of the GBBO are unexpectedly lovable and act like total gentlemen. Fielding and co-host Matt Lucas ate lunch with the bakers every day and were very supportive, and they regularly expressed concern about the bakers’ general well-being.

Dell'Anno described Fielding as an "entertaining nuisance" — somewhat distracting, but very considerate. Dell'Anno had presumed the television business would be cutthroat and aggressive, so he was a bit shocked at Fielding's wholesome, warm, and caring behavior on set.