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GBBO's Sue Perkins' Emotional Tribute To The Queen Is So Relatable
After a remarkable 70 years on England's throne, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. After taking the throne at 25, the queen was integral in the post-World War II relationship healing between England and Germany, and she even enlisted as a truck mechanic in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, despite her parents being strongly against it.
Great Britain is now rallying behind King Charles as the new ruler, but the mourning period for "Lilibet” (as the queen was affectionately known as by family) will be significant. One public figure known to both British and American citizens is “The Great British Bake Off” host Sue Perkins, who released a touching tribute to the queen.
Perkins tweeted about the queen, "What an extraordinary life. A fixed point, seemingly unchanged by the whirlings of history around her. So strange to be suddenly without." Other Twitter users echoed the sentiment, with one writing, "feels like the U.K. is becoming unmoored from those values of public service that she represented."