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Giada De Laurentiis' Orange Dessert Is Too Much For Instagram To Handle
Giada De Laurentiis has been using citrus in her desserts for a long time now. From pairing oranges with zeppole to incorporating the flavor of the fruit into sweets like popcorn bars, cake, and "dreamy" orange mousse: she has done it all. However, the star chef is back with another orange dessert, and apparently, it's too much for some Instagram users to handle.
When the chef shared a video recipe for her orange olive oil cake on Instagram, the caption listing its key ingredient as "extra virgin olive oil infused with orange peels" left one follower saying, "I won't be making this." Per The Baking Journal, infused olive oil helps introduce "another element of flavor to your baked goods" and can be made by simmering orange peels in oil.
Other users took to the comments to praise the dish, with one person saying, "I don't have a big sweet tooth but LOVE citrus and almonds so... YAY for this!!" and another noting, "Wow! This truly looks so amazingly delicious!" While one commenter pleaded with a friend, "Can you make this for me?" another tagged a fellow user and "volunteer[ed] to taste test" as a compromise.