Scallion oil


Ginger Scallion Sauce Is An All-Around Chinese Condiment
If the 2023 Sriracha shortage has made you yearn for a new mildly spicy Asian condiment, ginger scallion sauce may be what you’re looking for.
It boasts a perfect balance of light tanginess for meats and savory flavor for noodles and broth. Best of all, it takes five minutes to make and can last months in the fridge.
To make the sauce, mix ginger root and scallions with a high smoke point. Canola oil is a great neutral option, while dark toasted sesame oil can lend a hint of nuttiness.
The key is to heat the oil to a high temperature without burning it. The oil is then poured over the fresh aromatics in a process known as blooming or tempering.
Finalize the sauce by adding a teaspoon of light soy sauce for a touch of saltiness and umami. Vinegar can cut through the oil and salt to let the ginger’s tanginess shine.