Winneconne, WI, USA- 1 March 2016: A bag of Goldfish baked crackers in different colors in cheddar flavor.

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Goldfish Drops 10.75-Inch Hand-Bowl In Boban Marjanović Collab
Since their launch in the 1960s, Goldfish crackers have released tons of flavors like barbecue, cheddar cheese, and pizza, as well as new products such as Baby Goldfish and their iconic flavor-blasted line. It’ll take a lot of snacking to try all the options; luckily, Goldfish has created the perfect bowl for the occasion.
Goldfish has announced that for its latest release, it will partner with NBA star Boban Marjanović, who is known for his gigantic hands. At 10.75 inches long, Marjanović has the largest hands in the league, and while he can impressively handle a basketball, the real feat is that his hand can hold 301 Goldfish crackers.
The Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish is a perfect replica of Marjanović's hand shaped into a bowl big enough to hold 301 Goldfish crackers — about an entire bag's worth. Fans can go to to try and get their own hands on the limited edition bowl, which is part of the brand's Go For The Handful campaign.