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Gordon Ramsay Owns A Restaurant That Features Bottomless Pizza
Many people go to Cicis, Pizza Hut, Dominos, or even Chuck E. Cheese to satisfy their pizza cravings, but these establishments are not known for gourmet slices. However, there are places where you can experience both quantity and quality in your pizza — such as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant franchise that features bottomless pizza.
In 2018, Ramsay opened Street Pizza in London, launching what has now become a chain encompassing seven total locations throughout the UK. The concept entails offering bottomless pizza for the equivalent of about $19 with five different options including Margherita, pepperoni, wild mushroom, eggplant, and corn and chorizo.
Customer reviews from the original Street Pizza in London are mixed, as one unhappy patron found the pizza "extremely salty." However, another reviewer described a different experience, raving that it was "probably the best pizza deal you can get in London! It was super tasty."