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Gordon Ramsay's Behind-The-Scenes Behavior Confirms What We Suspected

Gordon Ramsay has often received negative press for being aggressive and insulting those around him. In 2018, many from the food industry spoke out against him, including Chef J. Kenji López-Alt and food critic Jay Rayner, who both said that he gave restaurant kitchen culture a bad name.

However, in an interview in 2021 with Reality Blurred, “Hell’s Kitchen” producer Kenny Rosen revealed that Ramsay is actually very helpful. He discusses previous challenges with the participants at the beginning of every episode and helps them with their dishes when they’re struggling.

Ramsay also once helped every single chef with their individual dishes during a particularly tough episode, says Rosen. It seems Ramsay’s ire usually emerges when people still make mistakes after he's taught them how to do something, which is understandable, given his efforts

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