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Gordon Ramsay’s Own Pizza Restaurant Did The Unthinkable
Many chefs are known to experiment with flavors while drawing the line at certain pairings, and Gordon Ramsay is no different. Trained in classical French technique, the celebrity chef has certain ideas of how things should be done, so his reaction to an unusual pizza creation from his own restaurant is not surprising.
In a TikTok video, Ramsay reacts to a chef making a pizza and seems happy until a controversial ingredient is added. “Pineapple? No, not pineapple! Wait a minute, I recognize that oven. No! That’s my restaurant,” he cries.
Some viewers agreed with Ramsay, joking that someone at his restaurant was getting fired, while others said they liked the Hawaiian-style pizza. A Mashed survey revealed that many actually enjoy pineapple on pizza, so it’s lucky that this dish appears to be a new feature on the Street Pizza menu.