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Gordon Ramsay's Secret
Hack For Preventing Soggy Salads
Moisture is the enemy of fresh, crisp salads, and no one wants the vegetables and leafy greens of their salad bowls to be unappetizingly limp or soggy. To help your salad ingredients stay at their desired texture, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a secret hack involving a particular vegetable that already features in many salads.
To keep salads crisp, Ramsay uses fresh cucumbers, but removes the cucumber seeds to avoid the sogginess. While cooking for his YouTube channel, Ramsay sliced a peeled cucumber lengthwise and then scraped out the seeds with a teaspoon, removing its watery interior but leaving the firmer, crunchier outer portion.
You can also use this tip for making cucumber salads, as it will help prevent sogginess. Ramsay added another helpful tip of coating the bottom of the dish with dressing before layering protein, cucumbers, and lettuce on top to prevent the salad from becoming soggy.