Gordon Ramsay on FOX's MasterChef - Season 12

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Gordon Ramsay's Tongue Is Insured. For $10 Million.
Chef Gordon Ramsay regularly has to ensure quality in both his restaurants and the dishes he judges on TV, which means he has to be able to taste-test the food to make sure it’s up to his standards. So, the fact that he has an insurance plan on his tongue isn’t that surprising, but the large price point is rather unusual.
Ramsay's taste buds are insured by Lloyd's of London for $10 million in the event of disease, injury, and aging, but a typical tongue insurance plan is usually not that expensive. For comparison, a Cadbury's chocolate scientist who taste-tests candy for a living has her tongue insured for $1.25 million.
For many celebrities, their bodies are considered essential aspects of their career or brand, so it’s not uncommon for them to have body parts insured. Ramsay's tongue insurance may seem outrageous, but it could save him from losing money in the long run if he is ever unable to taste the food he's cooking or judging.