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Heather West: What The Winner Of Hell's Kitchen Season 2 Is Doing Now
Heather West, a Sous Chef from Port Jefferson, New York, was just 25 years old when she was crowned the winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 2. Despite her win, West didn't get named head chef but would be named Senior Chef at Red Rock's Terra Rossa and left after her one year contract ended.
Heather left L.A. when her contract ended and worked at multiple restaurants in Washington state, North Carolina, and California and eventually returned to Long Island, where she met her future spouse. She recalls that on their first date he said, “'So when were you going to tell me everyone knows who you are?"
West is now the proud mother of two children and recently went on social media to talk about her struggle with postpartum depression. She's also active on Twitter, where she has described herself as the "Co-Founder of Non Profit East End Play Dates/Chef/wife/ mommy/ lover of all things Disney/was on that show with that guy a very long time ago."